We offer a complete range of machining and turning capabilities, including more than 300 sets of CNC machines operating around the clock.
It is our continual goal to produce the parts that are 'Zero Defect', and with our modernized floor layout, our machines can be quickly set up to handle any or all of your requirements.



We are proud of our Tooling/Milling Department and its advanced computerized production control system, which enables us to provide fast delivery for the complex parts.

Years of experience in the manufacturing of high-quality products has taught us what's really important to our customers-Quality, Commitment, and Attention to Detail.



With a variety of stamping machines ranging from 25 tons to 160 tons. Our mold expertise results from 30-year experience in making high precision progressive mold for metal stamping parts, with short lead time.

We specialize in tooling applications where precision and longevity are prioritized.